Hydraulic Aplication

Hard Chromium Piston Rods Bars List

hard chrome-ptm

Hard Chrome Piston Rods Size List

Dia Dia Dia
Dia 4mm 28mm 90mm
Dia 6mm 30mm 95mm
Dia 7mm 31.5mm 100mm
Dia 8mm 32mm 105mm
10mm 35mm 110mm
12mm 35.5mm 115mm
12.5mm 36mm 120mm
13mm 38mm 125mm
14mm 40mm 130mm
14.28mm 45mm 135mm
15mm 50mm 140mm
16mm 555mm 145mm
17mm 56mm 150mm
18mm 60mm 160mm
19mm 63mm 165mm
19.5mm 65mm 170mm
20mm 70mm 180mm
22mm 71mm 190mm
22.4mm 75mm 200mm
24mm 80mm
25mm 85mm


(External Diameter Accuracy) : f8, h8
(Surface Roughness) : 0.8 ~ 1.6S
(Hard Chrome Thickness) : 20 Micron ± 5%
(Surface Hardness) : HV800 (minimum)
(Standard Lengths) : 3 ~ 6 M
(Special Lengths) : 10 M
(Standard Size) : Ø4 ~ Ø 200 mm
(Material) : SAE1045 (S45C)
(Other Specifications can be Custom-made)


Pneumatic/Hydraulic Cylinder shaft, Cdumh, Plastic injection
machines, Fitness equipment and Automachine, Precision shaft.